Frequent Asked Questions

Here you can find answers for questions which are commonly asked by our customers. Due to high volume of e-mails, we may direct you to this page if your questions in your e-mail are covered in this page.

Purchasing / Ordering

1. Which size should I purchase?
There is a link called "VIEW CHART" for customers to review the sizes and measurements. We recommend you to check the measurements in the size chart before making your selection on the size of the items, as the same size from different companies have different sets of measurements.

2. What should I do if I purchasing the wrong size or wrong color?
Once your order or transaction has been submitted to our database with your payment information, your order cannot be changed. Therefore, we recommend you to check the color, size, and style of your dresses in your Cart or in Checkout page before submitting your order or transaction.

3. Is the hairpiece included in the purchase?
The condition of the hairpiece is mentioned in the description of all the dress style pages. Not all dress styles contain matching hairpieces as stated in some of the style pages.

4. What is your return / exchange policy?
Please see the Return Policy section on our website.


1. How quick will the item be shipped once it is being paid for?
Once payment is received, the shipment of the order will be processed within 48 business hours (two business days) excluding Saturday and Sunday.

For concerns regarding to the approximate delivery time frame of different shipping methods, please visit the delivery carriers’ official web sites. All shipments sent from contain tracking number (sometimes also known as delivery confirmation number).

The cost required for different domestic and international shipping methods will be calculated within the order form before the submission of the order form. We do NOT accept any delivery carrier account numbers for shipping and handling.

For money order or cashier's check, customer must print clearly the first and last name, address, phone number, order number(s), style number(s), and size(s) in order for us to send the order. After we have received the money order(s) or cashier’s check(s), the shipment of the order will be processed within 48 business hours (two business days) after the receipt of the payment (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

For PayPal Electronic Check (E-Check) Payment, after customer has sent the Electronic Check through PayPal, customer will have to wait for approximately 3 to 4 business days for the electronic check to be cleared. The shipment of the order(s) will NOT be processed until the PayPal Electronic Check (E-Check) has been cleared and verified by PayPal.

2. What is Zone Rate in the Checkout page?
When customers choose the shipping methods during the Checkout page, they will see that one of the available shipping options is Zone Rate.

Zone Rate is the rate of S&H depending upon the total amount of the order. Sometimes it is the cheapest out of all shipping options; sometimes it is a little more expensive than some of the other shipping options.

Zone Rate uses USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, or UPS Ground as shipping method depending on the types and the quantity of the ordered items. The decision of which shipping method to use is determined by Therefore, if customers have preference on using certain shipping method for their orders, Zone Rate is not the ideal option as customers have no control over selecting between USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground.


1. What address should I send my money order / cashier's check to?
Please note that we only accept money orders and cashier's checks; we do NOT accept personal checks. Your money orders or cashier's checks (payable to must send and payable to the following address:
396 S Lemon Ave
Walnut, CA 91788

In the payment, customers must print the first and last name, shipping address, your phone number, style numbers, and sizes. You may including this information on a separate piece of paper in the same envelope.

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